Since having my gastric bypass surgery last year, I was faced with a dilemma of losing 140 pounds very quickly.  My doctor advised me that the best way to look and feel my best was to exercise.  Since I had not exercised much in the past, I was not sure what my next step was.  I joined the local gym and shortly thereafter met Mr. Embaugh.  He started to train/teach me proper exercise techniques and how to eat properly.  I very quickly went from a size 16 to a size 6.

I would highly recommend to anyone that is trying to lose a great deal of weight or tone up that they consider personal training.  Mr. Embaugh is very professional and helps you stay focused on your ultimate goal - Looking and feeling great!
As many gastric bypass patients have additional skin to deal with after surgery, I was no different.  I went from a size 16 to a size 6 and do not require plastic surgery for excess skin.  I highly recommend Mr. Embaugh to any GBP patient that wants to go the extra step and feel good about themselves.
-Tracy R.

I began personal training 2 days per week with Ron Embaugh.  I found him to be very knowledgeable about weight training and nutrition.  His personality and enthusiasm about weight training and nutrition make him a perfect trainer.  Any questions and/or concerns that I had when I began training were answered completely.  He has always stressed that any workout can be tailor made to meet any special needs I might have or just for the fun of it.  Ron's advice on proper nutrition while training along with required cardio workouts was/is invaluable.  Ron has made weight training a great experience for me!
-Donna R.

For nearly two years, I have been under the instruction of Mr. Embaugh.  In that time, I have changed shape, developed strength, and gained a friend.  Mr. Embaugh has guided me through weekly weight-training sessions without a single resultant injury.  He advocates healthy dietary habits, aerobic exercise, and proper rest as crucial adjuncts to weight-training.

By following his recommendations, I am now two sizes smaller, physically fit, and healthier than I've ever felt.  My weight remained unchanged throughout this metamorphosis as my muscle mass compensated for the loss in fat.  I can now testify to the importance of anaerobic training to potentiate one's physique.  This is the type of stellar training that Mr. Embaugh provides.

Mr. Embaugh serves as an incredible role model to all who are fortunate enough to meet him.  He lives the life that he advocates to clients through proper exercise, diet and lifestyle.  His impressive work ethic is one that most will never attain.  As a board certified family physician, I have recommended Mr. Embaugh's services to both friends and patients.  I continue to do so today without hesitation.
-Dr. Kara L.

I have been weight training with Ron Embaugh for four months now and have had no problems with his instruction.  Before beginning to work out with Ron, I informed him of a back problem I have and he made certain to adjust all of my exercises so as not to strain or irritate my back.

With Ron's guidance in eating correctly and training safely, I am experiencing great results and am very pleased with the outcome thus far.
-Carrie L.

I would like to recommend Ron Embaugh as a certified personal trainer and motivator.  I have had the pleasure of training with Ron for over a year and knowing him for over five years.

Ron is very personable and is genuinely interested in his clients.  He enjoys getting to know his clients on a personal basis and is always welcoming.  During my hour long training sessions, I always felt that Ron spent the entire time focusing on how he could improve my strength and ability.  Ron was always very flexible and accommodating for my busy schedule.  If I could not make my usual training time, he always tried his best to find another time that would work for me.

Ron is an incredible trainer and motivator.  He always had faith in me, pushing my abilities above and beyond my self expectations.  I experienced an abundance of success in many ways with selecting Ron as my trainer.  At the time I suffered form intense, undiagnosed back and neck pain that often hindered my athletic and personal life.  Through Ron's training, I began to find some relief in my pain through the muscle strength and endurance that I gained.  On the days that I felt extreme pain, Ron took his time to get my muscles stretched and warmed up so that I could have a successful workout.  He helped push me through every repetition of each set, until I finished the entire training session.  The most amazing part is that I would walk away from my sessions feeling less pain than before I started.  Through gaining strength in my back and core, my posture improved, which also helped ease my pain.

I not only turned to Ron to help my pain, but I also wanted to enhance my softball skills.  I decided that I needed a trainer to help develop my muscle strength and endurance to improve my high school softball career.  Through the training, I was able to run faster and longer, throw the ball harder, and swing the bat faster.  I was not the only person to recognize my improvement; my coaches and teammates commented on my increased performance and how much harder I was hitting the ball.  As a result of my physical accomplishments, I developed and gained self confidence in myself as a person.  I began to believe in my abilities not only as an athlete, but as a student soon moving on to college.  Due to college, I unfortunately could not continue my workouts with Ron, but would definitely choose him again as my trainer.

I would highly recommend Ron Embaugh to any athlete or average person who is trying to improve their strength, endurance and abilities.  He is truly a professional at his work and ultimately wants to help improve his client's lives.
-Katrina G.
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