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Embaugh's Personal Training and Fitness is all about you.  Helping you attain your goals.  Building a better body.  Whether you are an office worker trying to lose weight, an athlete trying to get bigger, stronger and faster or anyone in between we can help you.  With wide and varied experience in a multitude of areas we can accomadate your needs.  Many trainers do this as a "hobby" or a "side" job, but here it is a full time vocation.  Therefore, while many are not certified and fully insured we a both certified and fully insured.  You can feel secure in knowing that we are both knowledgeable and protected.

We use a varied approach to shaping and toning your body.  We hit the muscles from different angles with a variety of different exercises.  The typical training client will go through six (6) workouts before ever repeating an exercise.  By mixing up the exercises and hitting the muscles from different angles we get better results.   The muscles never get acclimated to the workouts and therefore respond much better.   The added benefit is that the trainee is not bored with their workouts because there is a great variety to them.  If an individual trains with us and follows our instruction and advice they always get guaranteed results.  We also take into account any injuries or limitations a client may have and work around problem areas.  We will strengthen weak areas and help you overcome your issues and problems.

The added advantage we have here is that during the past 33 years we have accumulated a great deal of knowledge in the area of fitness and training.  We will pass that knowledge on to you.  There will be exercises that are guaranteed to be unique to us and our training regiment.  Many hit the muscles in ways that you have never experienced before thus stimulating better muscle development.  Give us a try and you will not be disappointed!

Your cost will depend on the length of your commitment and will range from a low of $35 per session to $75 per session for one individual.  As example for one person a single session is $75/session, one to three months is $50/session, four to twelve months $40/session and anything over twelve months would be $35/session.  We also have rates available for two people.  Any sessions done in your home will incur additional travel fees.

Complete price list click here.   2012_Price_List.docx
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