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While many trainers claim to be the "best" or "experts" they often times do not have much of a resume.  I picked up my first weight when I was only 6 years old.  I have had a love affair with training ever since.  I started working at my first gym in 1979 and I have been involved in the fitness industry ever since.  My areas of experience include:  competitive bodybuilding and power lifting, strength training, a variety of fitness and aerobics classes, boot camps, multiple cardiovascular regiments, sports training and conditioning, coaching youth sports and nutritional education.  I have helped a variety of people from all age groups as well as from all walks of life.  I can help you get strong, get you prepared and increase productivity in sports, improve health and mobility, lose weight, improve your conditioning and even help you if you are interested in any type of competition.

To help those who have decided to make it a New Year's Resolution to get into shape I am offering two specials from now until 1/31/14.
First, you can have a one week trial (3 sessions) at a 60% discount off of the regular price.  This offer expires on 1/31/14 and must be used by 2/28/14.  There will only be one special per person allowed.
Second special is anyone signing any contract for 3 months or more will be given the discounted year rate which equates to a 15-30% discount.  This offer also expires on 1/31/14 and you must begin use by 2/28/14.  There is a limit of one special per person allowed.
Don't hesitate and let 2014 be the best year of your life!

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